We specialize in small plates…perfect for sharing with good friends and family!

Meet the Owners

We are the Gullens, Richard and Melinda, and we are the living embodiment of a family-owned dining establishment. The two of us do everything… the planning, the shopping, the prep, the cooking and the serving. And, strange as it sounds, we want to keep it that way. In our travels, we became enamored with the European style of dining. We loved the slower pace, the casual atmosphere, and the sense of comfort and welcome that made eating an event to be savored and enjoyed with friends and family. We believe that’s how it should always be, and work hard to make Melinda’s that place.

The cooking style is simple, focusing on unique variations of comfort food. The ingredients are fresh, and we give each dish the attention it deserves. Our “small plates,” similar to tapas, offer the diner the opportunity to order a little or a lot and sample the diversity of our fare. It is not uncommon for groups to order every item on the menu and share.

Our motivation is to provide the entire package… good homemade food, nice décor, a welcome environment, and a sense of camaraderie; while keeping our prices reasonable so that no one is excluded.